SecureAge Technology Launches New Mobile Security Application for Android

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To further expand its security offerings for the home and business, SecureAPlus is now available on Android to protect mobile devices against malware and viruses. 1 June, Singapore – SecureAge Technology releases SecureAPlus Antivirus for Android bringing its patented multiple cloud engine scanning technologies along with other mobile security features to Android phones around the world. Recently coming off of extensive rounds of Beta testing from its growing user base, the SecureAPlus Antivirus for Android is packed with useful security features that not only protect mobile devices but also serves as an extension of the protection technologies that it uses … Read More

Addressing the Recent Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities on Microsoft Systems

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Meltdown & Spectre Windows Vulnerability PSA

On a recent article by ZDNet and the New York Times, researchers have found two critical vulnerabilities on Intel chips that can potentially let an attacker steal data from running applications. The researchers have dubbed the vulnerabilities as Meltdown & Spectre. A lot has been written about these vulnerabilities over the past few days, and Microsoft has since released a security patch to address this. As it makes some fundamental changes which are outlined on the Microsoft support pages, the patch does not automatically download and install on systems with Anti-virus software installed, save for a few supported ones. This … Read More

Fileless Malware Attacks Protection Test by AVLab Awards SecureAPlus Highest Marks

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Fileless Malware Attacks are becoming more prevalent as Endpoint Protection solutions have been veering from the sole reliance on signatures to detect threats. This change is a way for malware authors to find alternative ways of infecting their targets. Fileless Malware Attacks are not a new phenomenon with plenty of the garden variety malware making use of it as an attack vector – a means to deliver their executable payload onto their targets stealthily. However, Endpoint Protection solutions that use behavioral and analytical techniques were able to, at the very least, stop the payload from executing and thus keeping the … Read More

2017 Year-End Maintenance of SecureAge Technology Servers

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The SecureAPlus servers will be undergoing maintenance on the following dates: Just like last year’s maintenance, Application Whitelisting, which is at the very core of SecureAPlus will still be working to protect your system against any untrusted files and applications. Since Universal AV will not be accessible during this time, please make use of the second opinion scanning feature whenever SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting blocks anything. Furthermore, if you have installed SecureAPlus with the offline AV, especially if you are a Premium user with the Offline AV powered by Avira add-on, you can rest assured that you have a reliable anti-virus … Read More

A Halloween Antivirus Like No Other | SecureAPlus Releases New Theme

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It’s been a long time coming, but what better way to celebrate the time of the year when kids and kids at heart alike suit up as ghosts, ghouls, and characters from popular culture than to release a dedicated SecureAPlus theme to celebrate the occasion? A Halloween Antivirus is just what you need! Starting today till the end of the Halloween season, you can now download and install the brand new Halloween Theme for SecureAPlus called “Trick or Treat”. Sporting a mainly black aesthetic with pumpkin orange hues that stay with the tried and true visuals of the occasion, it … Read More

An Update on Version 4.7.0

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On Monday (25 September 2017), we released version 4.7.0 of SecureAPlus. Along with some minor bug fixes and modifications it marked the inclusion of support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). In what was to be an improvement on the level of security for Windows 10 users also came with an unintended effect on devices running older operating systems – users were not able to boot to their OS after a reboot. With some feedback from affected users, the update was quickly pulled and any further instances were avoided. Due to the inclusion of the new feature some changes were … Read More

Back to School PC Security: Protect Your Computers with SecureAPlus Antivirus for Free

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Back to School-Protect Your Computers with SecureAPlus Antivirus for Free

Back to school time is here and it’s that time of the year to help students and educators stay safe online by protecting computers and laptops from harmful digital threats such as ransomware, malware, and virus. You may be wondering:  “What is the big deal about this thing?” According to a survey conducted by Intel Security in the United Kingdom (UK) with 1,000 students, half of them have no security software installed on any of their devices. Windows devices, especially desktops and laptops, contain information important information and by tapping onto any available public Wi-Fi to go online, students and … Read More

Premium Add-on Launches Alongside Accessible New Pricing for SecureAPlus Premium

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SecureAPlus is launching Premium Add-on, a new optional feature, exclusive to SecureAPlus Premium users, that allows them to add additional security measures that will help with both improving the detection capabilities of the solution as well as enhance remote security capabilities that are needed for managing multiple devices. SecureAge Technology, the company behind SecureAPlus, has partnered with award-winning anti-virus maker, Avira, to power the new optional offline anti-virus. The additional options for the offline anti-virus premium add-on was a much-requested feature by the SecureAPlus user base due to a need for a consistently high level of detection for occasions whereby the 12 cloud … Read More