AVLab Awards SecureAPlus with Top Marks for Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Cryptominer and Anti-Bashware Protection Tests for 2018

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AVLab and its recently debuted testing platform, Check Lab, has recently released their latest round of findings based on the top and emerging cybersecurity threats for 2017 and 2018.

Alongside the industry heavyweights, SecureAPlus has emerged with top awards for all three tests.

AVLab tested SecureAPlus and other endpoint security solutions against ransomware, cryptominer malware, and bashware for Windows Subsystem for Linux).

Ransomware made a significant splash over the global consciousness in 2017 for substantial outbreaks that have caused damages in the billions.

One of the more well-known cases was the WannaCry and the Petya ransomware outbreak, which has wreaked havoc upon thousands of companies from a wide range of industries around the world.

The astronomical damage these illegal activities have not only validated cyber criminals efforts but have also served as a turning point for cybersecurity vendors to increase its efforts in beefing up their security features.

Similar to the Ransomware, Cryptocurrency has also gained popularity due to the sudden increase in its value, which has led to legitimate parties to double down on their crypto mining efforts.

Unfortunately, malignant actors are also riding this trend and have developed cyrptominer malware that infects unsuspecting victims and makes use of their CPU and GPU resources to mine cryptocurrency for their benefit.

This trend has not only caused shortages on the PC hardware market but has also been slowing down PCs all over the world.

And with Microsoft’s introduction of the Windows Subsystem for Linux, a feature that now allows Windows users to run native Linux command-line tools alongside the traditional Windows desktop has opened up the system for developers to work on open source projects.

This has however also opened it up for Linux-based vulnerabilities that aren’t covered by traditionally Windows security measures which have to lead to the existence of Bashware for Linux.

The latest test results from AVLab reveal that SecureAPlus is capable of stopping all of the above threats with its application control and whitelisting feature, earning it the highest awards for all three tests.

This further solidifies our proposition to have SecureAPlus as the endpoint security solution, for both home, and at work, that serves as a formidable last line of defense against the most dangerous and/or emerging malware in the wild.