SecureAPlus is Changing in Q3 2019 and Everybody Wins

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SecureAPlus 2019 Preview

SecureAPlus users, old and new alike, are in for a treat. In its efforts to make multi-layered security more accessible to users, SecureAPlus has re-launched today, 25 September, for PC and Android. Those in Singapore can also catch an in-depth look at the new SecureAPlus at the upcoming Govware 2019.

So What's Changing?

SecureAPlus is now available in 3 versions – Pro, Essentials, and Lite. It’s still the PC security solution that existing users know and love with changes to help streamline how to better implement security based on their specific needs. There's also the long awaited addition of APEX on the Android app.

For more information about the relaunch, especially about the changes for existing users, we’ve created a dedicated page with in-depth information frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming changes.

We’ve designed the change to reward our existing users. If you’re an existing user and you would like to clarify something that was not addressed in the support page, please drop us a message to

Just Discovered SecureAPlus?

That's great too. You can download it today and enjoy 90-Days of SecureAPlus Pro, after which, you can now keep it forever with SecureAPlus Lite.