SecureAge APEX Joins VirusTotal’s Roster of Anti-Malware Engines

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SecureAge Technology, the company behind SecureAPlus, has been working on optimizing its AI-powered anti-malware engine, SecureAge APEX, since it’s inclusion in the SecureAPlus Beta late last year.

VirusTotal, a service owned by Chronicle (a subsidiary of the Alphabet Inc.), is a publicly available online resource that aggregates anti-malware solutions scan results to help check whether a file is malicious or safe.

With its vision of being at the forefront of cyber security technology that makes the world a better and safer place for information and organizations, SecureAge Technology has partnered with Chronicle to have the APEX engine be a part of VirusTotal and contribute to the global cybersecurity landscape.

The SecureAge APEX engine provides next-generation detection to deal with advanced threats like zero-day malware.

It goes beyond traditional scanners by reliably identifying unseen and mutated malware types and variants from day one of their release.

The inclusion of the SecureAge APEX engine in VirusTotal lets users of the service leverage its take on artificial intelligence and malware detection to identify potential threats alongside other anti-malware solutions.