SecureAPlus Antivirus Back To School Offer

Back to school time is here and it’s the time to help students and educators stay safe online by protecting computers and laptops from harmful ransomware and virus.

We are initially offering 3 Years* of SecureAPlus antivirus for students and educators when you sign up with your school email**.

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* By default, email accounts with a .edu prefix who sign up get a 4-Year SecureAPlus Freemium license. When the educational institution becomes an education partner it becomes a 3-Year SecureAPlus Freemium license.

** Schools or users from schools that do not have a .edu suffix for their email accounts can contact us to have their educational institution email be added to our directory to take advantage of the extended Freemium license.

Save Money on IT Security for Education Purposes

Free Your Education Budget with 100% Savings on Windows Security

Immediately get 3 years of SecureAPlus Freemium*** just for using your school education email to signup.

You can even receive an additional 1 year when your school becomes an official partner of SecureAPlus.

*** The SecureAPlus Education Program is unavailable to users in India, Nepal & Bhutan due to differences in licensing. Please contact the official distributor on these territories for more information.

Get 100% Protection for Your School Work On & Offline.

Combining the power of 12 trusted Anti-Virus engines to find new and advanced virus & malware that your current single Anti-Virus engine may miss.

You can control which program to run in your PC. Other malicious or unauthorized program, if they’re not on the list, they won’t be allowed to run.

Education Benefits for SecureAPlus

3 Simple Steps to Redeem Education License

Install SecureAPlus Freemium on Your PC

Download install our software. It’s free & easy!

Download Installer

Create Account with Your School Email

Open SecureAPlus and go to Info & Licenses. Sign up for a new account with your school email.****

**** Email domain suffixes that support automatic Freemium license upgrades upon creation are .edu & .ac only at present. If your school uses a different domain suffix, please contact SecureAPlus directly.

Congratulations! You just got 3-Years Freemium

You’ll get notified of the free upgrade upon successfully logging in.

Top of Class Antivirus Benefits for Students & Educators

24/7 Protection Against Threats

Real-time protection from 12 Anti-Virus engines at all time.

Low Resource Consumption

Enjoy minimal process drain for maximum battery life.

Uninterrupted PC Usage

You can maximize your study & playtime with fast Full System Scans.

3rd-Party Software Friendly

Works well with other security software on your PC to find virus & malware that it misses

Our Commitment to Securing the Future

We believe that students and the educators that hone them are in strong need of better computer protection.

Our team is committed to provide for willing educational institutions around the world.

Become an official partner of SecureAPlus to automatically extend the protection of any of your school’s students, educators, and staff personal Windows PCs to 3 Years.

Partner with SecureAPlus

Free SecureAPlus Premium for Education

Build Up Your Schools Cyber Defense Today

Get maximum protection on-campus at no expense to your school’s IT budget. Becoming a SecureAPlus Education partner also entitles ALL campus PCs to our premium security solution for free.

That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong. Contact us today and we’ll let your education institution install SecureAPlus Premium for $0 on as many campus PCs needed.

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