2018 Year-End Maintenance SecureAge Technology Servers

SecureAge SecureAPlusAnnouncement

The SecureAPlus servers will be undergoing maintenance on the following dates:

7 November 2018 (Wednesday) 21:00 (SGT)

12 November 2018 (Monday) 21:00 (SGT)

Just like last year’s maintenance, Application Whitelisting, which is at the very core of SecureAPlus will still be working to protect your system against any untrusted files and applications.

Since Universal AV will not be accessible during this time, please make use of the second opinion scanning feature whenever SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting blocks anything.

Furthermore, if you have installed SecureAPlus with the offline AV, especially if you are a Premium user with the Offline AV powered by Avira add-on, you can rest assured that you have a reliable anti-virus engine that can diagnose threats locally while Universal AV is undergoing maintenance.

Please do note that the following services will be affected during the maintenance:

Web Services

The SecureAPlus Website (https://www.secureaplus.com/)

The SecureAPlus Portal (https://secureaplus.secureage.com/sapportal/site/home.sa)

The SecureAPlus Support Pages (https://support.secureaplus.com/)

The SecureAPlus Forum (https://secureaplusforum.secureage.com/)

The SecureAge Technology Website (https://www.secureage.com/)

Universal AV Results

Scanning results from the cloud engines will not be available during Application Whitelisting prompts, Anti-Virus prompts (if using in conjunction with offline AV), and On-Demand (right-click) Scanning.

License Activation

If for any reason users have yet to activate their license or wish to perform changes to their existing ones (i.e. renew, move to another device), these functions will not be available during the maintenance period.

The maintenance is to ensure that SecureAPlus servers continue to operate reliably. We appreciate our users patience and understanding regarding this matter.

Best regards,

The SecureAPlus Team