Get Premium Protection
For $1.67 a Month

Manage the security of multiple PCs, real-time infection updates via Email, and more.


SecureAPlus Premium is available on an annual subscription at $19.99 (or $1.67/month)


View The Security Status
Of All Your PC

Check the device security status of multiple PCs by simply logging into the SecureAPlus Account Portal. The list will show whether a PC with SecureAPlus Premium is safe or infected - perfect for securing computers at home and at work.


Remotely Manage The Whitelist Of Multiple PCs

Whether you're a parent preventing installation of malicious programs on your child’s account, or a System Administrator who needs to approve an installation of a new program, SecureAPlus lets you do so anytime and anywhere from the convenience of the online portal via the Policy Control Add-On.


Get The Latest Security Alerts
In Real-Time

Immediately get notified via Email Alerts if one of your SecureAPlus Premium PCs are infected by a virus or malware. This effectively gives the proper mindset and a head start in securing the infected PC the next time you boot it up.


Location Tracking for Your Devices

Whether you lost your laptop or simply want to keen an eye of where your devices go and are used, Premium users can choose to turn on the Location tracking premium feature to get the last known IP address used to connect to Universal AV

Priority Scanning & Support

SecureAPlus Premium Users scan requests are prioritized to help users decide whether to trust, block, quarantine, or delete an untrusted file.

Your requests are served with higher priority. While Freemium Users are free to ask for help, those are served after all premium requests have been responded to.




SecureAPlus sports some powerful but optional PC management features that is meant to make endpoint security for enterprise deployments more powerful and intuitive to manage whitelist.

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Compare Premium Packages

Want additional features to further supercharge security on your Windows computer?
Check out SecureAPlus Premium packages below:

Personal Premium

For individual who want extra security features

USD 19.99

Per User 12 months


Family Premium

For users looking to secure multiple PCs

USD 48.00

3 Users 12 Months


Server Edition

For installation in server editions of Windows

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Per Server 12 months



For easily managing and securing office PCs

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Personal Premium Includes
Everything in Freemium and:

  • 24/7 PC Security
  • Email Alerts
  • Universal AV Priority Scanning
  • Password-Protected Settings
  • Priority Email Support

Family Premium includes
Everything in Premium and:

  • Use of License up to 3 PCS
  • Multi-PC Management*

Server Edition Includes
Everything in Premium and:

  • Compatibilty with Server Editions of Microsoft Windows
  • Support for server implementation

Enterprise Edition includes
Everything in Premium and:

Frequently Asked Questions About SecureAPlus Premium

Up to how many PCs can I monitor with SecureAPlus Premium?

Unlimited, as long as have an active premium license and are tied to your SecureAPlus Portal account.

Can I receive security alerts on multiple email accounts?

Yes. You can assign more than one email to receive security alerts from SecureAPlus Premium devices.

Can Freemium untrusted Users also send approval requests?

Yes, but only devices with Premium licenses can have their requests approved or rejected from the SecureAPlus Portal.

What the Experts are Saying

  • “SecureAPlus simplifies this decision for those who prefer a responsive real-time guard, good malware detection ratio, manageable application rules, and minimal resources usage above all else. ”

    – Elena Opris,
  • “Once you’re set up SecureAPlus proves to be a very smart whitelisting solution which gives you much more control over what’s running on your PC.”

    – Mike Williams,
  • “SecureAPlus is indeed a next-level security solution. It offers multiple layers of protection and manages to be incredibly effective. It basically represents the next best thing to the ideal, utopian, complete security app that has yet to be developed.”

    – Margie Smeer,

What Our Users are Saying

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