The Only Endpoint Security You Need : Next Gen Threat Prevention

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Viruses, spyware, and malware are among the many different threats enterprises have to deal with whenever we computers are involved. From the suspicious emails that employees get from their inbox to the unusual links that may appear whenever a web browser and Internet connection are involved; there is always the looming threat of being attacked by advanced malware. When your computer lacked reliable antivirus and anti-malware, along with advanced endpoint security solutions, there is still the risk of letting these malicious programs spread to sensitive enterprise networks. This is why Endpoint Security is vital to keeping computers, most especially enterprise … Read More

7 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Malware Infection

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I think you’ll agree with us when we say: Sometimes, when you use your computer, you face dangers that you do not know. One of these dangers is malware. But what is it, precisely, and how can it possibly harm your computer? Malware, as defined in a February 2012 study by Javelin Strategy & Research, is “Malicious software designed to access a computer or operating system without the knowledge or consent of the user. Based on the definition, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, malicious adware, all fall under this category. Malware is damaging code or programming that gathers information without … Read More

SecureAPlus Now Localized in Other Languages

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With the latest version update, SecureAPlus introduces Indonesian, Japanese and Polish language support to address its growing yet diverse user base. 12 May 2016, Singapore – SecureAge Technology has released an update to SecureAPlus, a PC security solution that combines multiple cloud anti-viruses with Universal AV and its powerful Application Whitelisting, to add support for multiple languages. SecureAPlus has been available at no cost to the public through its Freemium model since August 2013. Since then, it has been consistently improving and adding better security features to protect PCs against viruses and malware. The release of the latest version, SecureAPlus … Read More

SecureAPlus Re-Launches with New User-Friendly Interface & Limited Exclusive License for First-Time Users

SecureAge SecureAPlusPress Release

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SecureAPlus relaunches new user interface to improve its security value proposition with an extended free license for new users during its launch month. 15 March 2016, Singapore – SecureAge Technology, a data protection solutions provider, today announced the re-launch of its application whitelisting and anti-virus software, SecureAPlus, with a modern and user-friendly interface, improved performance, and an exclusive 15-month license for new users who install it during the first month. Depending on the source, hundreds of thousands of new viruses and malware are released daily. This number can reach close to a million new threats everyday with no signs of … Read More