Report False Positive

File Not a Virus? Let Our Experts Look Into It

Report false positive files if you think that a detection made by one of the cloud engines of the Universal AV scanner is not actually a virus or malware. Our team of security experts can analyze the file and report it as false positives to the detecting engines. This helps our team make the blacklisting component of SecureAPlus better over time.

Report False Positive in 2 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Compress the File

For safety and efficiency please compress the file into zip or 7zip formats and locked with the password “secureaplus”. This is especially helpful for multiple or large files.

Step 2: Upload File for Analysis

Important Information on False Positive Submissions

Our team will take at least 48 hours to analyze a false positive submission. Once a file has been proven to be a false positive, we will make our best efforts to report them as such to the vendors of the cloud engines that detect them as a threat. We do not guarantee that reported files will be accepted as a false positive by participating engines.

We Thank You for Your Assistance

Reporting false positives to our team helps us make SecureAPlus a better PC security solution. Your efforts to report them are much appreciated by our hardworking team of security experts.

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