What’s the difference between antivirus and anti-malware?

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Difference between Anti-Malware & Antivirus

Antivirus & Anti-Malware. Both of these terms are familiar to all computer users by now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a mobile or desktop, Windows or Mac, these pieces of software has somehow been a fixture to our everyday computing. But most people use these two terms interchangeably. Have you ever wondered:  Is there a difference between one and the other? Is it justified to refer to them as if they were the same thing? Should I get just one or do I get both? In this article, we will answer the questions above and explain the difference between … Read More

Application Whitelisting: 3 Reasons Why It is Essential for Enterprise

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3 reasons application whitelisting is essential for enterprise

The practice of Application Whitelisting (AWL) has been used in the cybersecurity world for a while now. It’s the opposite of blacklisting which most people are familiar with since it’s the technique used by most (if not all) antivirus products available in the market. In simple terms, antiviruses check files against every known virus or malware. If it finds a match in its threat database or blacklist, it will flag as a virus, and the appropriate steps are done to minimize or hopefully prevent any damage at all. This is usually achieved by either deleting the infected file or sending … Read More

Antivirus Unable to Detect a Threat? Here's a Possible Explanation

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Your computer is prone to a lot of threats – from viruses, malware, spyware, and a lot of other malicious programs that can cause harm. It is for this reason that we rely on various anti virus software designed to keep your computer safe. However, there are instances where a virus still manages to get into your computer, even when you have a powerful antivirus installed. It may have been unable to recognize a threat. After all, different companies who each had their own database of known malware make antivirus programs with varying detection capabilities. While there’s always a chance … Read More

What You Need to Know About Ransomware – The Biggest Threat of 2016

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Imagine what it would be like: It’s a typical day, and you’ve just checked your email. You see one from a familiar source with a zipped attachment, and you promptly download it. You unzipped the file, and nothing happens, so you move on to the next email and continue with your mundane routine of opening emails while wondering what exactly happened. Then all of sudden you find yourself staring at a notification that came out of nowhere. “Your Computer has been Locked,” it says, and as you read through the rest of the message, you now realize that you have … Read More

The 7 Most Common Types of Malware You Should Know

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The Most Common Types of Malware

Malicious software or malware is generally any software designed to gain access to or damage a computer. This usually happens without the knowledge of the computer user. Unless you are a security expert that’s trying to analyze them, the presence of malware on your computer system is most likely bad news. Malware comes in numerous types and depending on whom you ask, is classified in different ways. The most common is categorizing them according to their method of attacking your computer system, which is how we will be approaching it. Do note that some malware types overlap each other, so … Read More

Is Your One & Only Antivirus Good Enough For You?

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Making Antiviruses Play Well Together for Free

Is this true for you?  As you become more sensitive to increased security, it has become a daily habit of yours to worry about viruses trying to get into your devices? That’s why choosing a suitable anti-virus software may sound complicated to many. There are plenty of options available on the Internet. You can find anti virus software solutions that go for sale at fixed prices, ones that require an annual subscription, or those that are free. Further complicating things are features that are mutually exclusive to one another. Given the widespread proliferation of virus and malware, experts are coming … Read More

3 Reasons Why an Anti-Virus Alone is Not Enough

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Why an Anti-Virus Alone is Not Enough

As cyber-attacks become increasingly ubiquitous, confidence in traditional detection-based protection such as anti-virus is rapidly declining. Instead, the industry and companies are leaning towards more preventive solutions rather than removing threats detected on the system. In Bromium’s Enterprise Security Confidence report for 2015, a group of 125 security professionals has been surveyed to discover the state of the cybersecurity industry. The results came in, and they are not looking well. The fast pace of hacker attacks and data breaches has caused antivirus solutions to lose a great deal of trustworthiness. The Bromium researchers have discovered that a shocking 92 percent … Read More

4-Word Saddest Story: Antivirus Edition

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“Write the saddest story you could think of in 4 words”? Challenge accepted. With that, we here at the SecureAPlus Team has come up with our version of the saddest Antivirus story which we have all heard far too many times over the years. Most users are content with using the free or trial version of their favorite anti-virus. Once their trial has expired, they may have no choice but to look for alternatives. If they trust that particular antivirus brand or their features, they purchase it. Every user will always wish for more and wouldn’t it be good if … Read More

How to Stop the Infection & Spread of Ransomware with SecureAPlus

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Stopping the Infection & Spread of Ransomware with SecureAPlus

Ransomware has been making the latest security headlines over the past few months of 2016 and with good reason. There have been multiple high profile victims of ransomware in recent memory ranging from a hospital that got locked out of crucial patient data that ended up giving in to the ransomware authors demands to a water utility in Michigan getting downed for a week.  Such damaging and costly incidents have put questions into the minds of many business owners and IT security professionals: Are they doing enough to protect their systems against malware? Can their employees fully grasp the dangers … Read More

Learn How SecureAPlus Gives You Total Antivirus Protection

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Total Anti Virus Protection Provided by SecureAPlus – For Free

If you are always having trouble with viruses, malware, and all other kinds of pesky malicious programs that threaten the safety of your computer and all of your gadgets, then what you need is a security upgrade. Fortunately, there is an anti-virus protection solution that not only goes above and beyond traditional Windows PC protection, it’s also free thanks to its Freemium model. SecureAPlus is one of the top free to download anti-virus protection software in the market today, and it is just the perfect upgrade for every user. With SecureAPlus, you get to upgrade your computer’s security at little … Read More