The Only Endpoint Security You Need : Next Gen Threat Prevention

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Viruses, spyware, and malware are among the many different threats enterprises have to deal with whenever we computers are involved. From the suspicious emails that employees get from their inbox to the unusual links that may appear whenever a web browser and Internet connection are involved; there is always the looming threat of being attacked by advanced malware.

When your computer lacked reliable antivirus and anti-malware, along with advanced endpoint security solutions, there is still the risk of letting these malicious programs spread to sensitive enterprise networks.

This is why Endpoint Security is vital to keeping computers, most especially enterprise PCs, safe from threats such as ransomware and vulnerabilities for data leaks.

You may be wondering:

"What is Endpoint Security?"

A device that can connect directly or remotely to the company network is considered an Endpoint. In other words, your smartphones, tablets, computer, desktops, laptops are your endpoints.

With the rise of capable mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets the scope of endpoint security has dramatically expanded in recent years yet laptops (and even desktops in remote locations) still, remain a constant target for security threats.

Important of Endpoint Security

Any Chief Information Officer or IT Security Specialist worth their salt will know that Endpoint Security is where a great deal of attention is needed when it comes to protecting the company IT infrastructure.

Without the practice of endpoint security, external threats such as virus and malware will have its way on infecting corporate networks as well as other endpoints.

One of the first things that come to mind when protecting endpoints is to install antivirus and antimalware programs.

This becomes further effective as endpoints are usually configured to comply with specific rules or policies with regards to security before they are allowed access to the network.

Endpoints that do not conform to the rules or policies are deemed as security threats and thus denied connection to the network.

Unfortunately, even when the endpoints have antivirus protection installed, it does not guarantee that it will be perpetually safe from harm.

Not all antivirus programs can quickly update with new virus or malware created every day. There is a chance that your endpoints will get infected before the antivirus can even detect the threat.

This is why companies who are serious about endpoint security don’t rely on just an antivirus for protection.

Want to know the best part?

What if we tell you that we have a security software detects threats that your antivirus missed. Putting you at ease of not relying on just an antivirus for protection.

Installing SecureAPlus on your Endpoint

SecureAPlus is one of the top free antiviruses and also a reliable endpoint security solution today for a good reason – it offers Next Generation End Point Security by having an intelligent Application Control and Application Whitelisting component married to a cloud antivirus component while also flexible enough to work with other endpoint security solutions like offline antivirus and firewalls.

It’s necessarily the best free antivirus upgrade for endpoint security that enterprises can ask.

SecureAPlus uses a block-first approach to security, and allows users to make use of 10+ cloud antivirus engines to diagnose potential threats, giving total application control and much more reliable detection rate.

When you are provided with the choice to run or block an untrusted application, you can protect your computer from the newest threats which most traditional antivirus protection software struggle.

With robust security provided by SecureAPlus, endpoints are safe from the latest threats which other anti-virus protection software struggle against – all for free.