SecureAPlus Release Notes

Whats’s New:

  • New Theme, SecureAPlus 2019. New Theme will only be used either for the first-time installation or if the current theme is the default theme.

  • Added a new script interpreter: Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler.exe, extension: .xoml.

  • Added APEX version in the About section.

  • New picture for SecureAPlus Essentials and Pro.

  • A mechanism to revert to auto-scaling if the user accidentally chooses a scale that is too large to fit into their display resolution.

  • Added script settings: Interpreter: python.exe, extension: .py

  • Added script settings: interpreter: inetinfo.exe, extensions: asp, and .aspx

  • Added a new log to record blocked files (C:\ProgramData\SecureAge Technology\SecureAge\log\Blocked.log).

  • Added HexFrame.exe in the restricted application list.

  • When the user enters the license code, and the computer is offline, it will do offline activation.

  • ClamAV 0.101.4.

  • Added Command line rule: mshta.exe – Starts with http – Let the user decide.

Bug Fixes:

  • APEX Sensitivity Bar did not resize properly when the scaling set to 150%.

  • Manual scanner crashed when there is no internet connection.

  • The word AntiVirus Engine was cut off in the Universal AV settings, Engines.


  • Column header size was adjusted for Quarantine & History, so that it fits German texts.
  • License Extension changed to Purchase License.
  •  Extend Freemium changed to Purchase Essentials, and its link updated.
  • Purchase Premium changed to Purchase Pro, and its link updated.
  • Change LockCube button to SecureAge.
  • The new default theme will be named as SecureAPlus 2019, and the old default theme will be named as Classic theme.
  • Remove Google+
  • Updated traditional Polish, Japanese, Chinese and simplified Chinese translation.
  • False positive detection improved for Universal AV full system scan.
  • Set c:\windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe as a trusted installer.
  • Improve blocked file notification for an untrusted user account.
  • Improve SecureAPlus updater.
  • Text changes:
    • If you require to access this file, please contact your system administrator.
      changed to
      If you require to access this file, please contact your help desk or IT Support.
    • The file is blocked because it is not in the whitelist.
      changed to
      The file is blocked.
    • Do not show this dialog any more until sign out.
      changed to
      Do not show this dialog any more until sign out from Windows.