Is Your One & Only Antivirus Good Enough For You?

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Making Antiviruses Play Well Together for Free

Is this true for you? 

As you become more sensitive to increased security, it has become a daily habit of yours to worry about viruses trying to get into your devices?

That’s why choosing a suitable anti-virus software may sound complicated to many.

There are plenty of options available on the Internet.

You can find anti virus software solutions that go for sale at fixed prices, ones that require an annual subscription, or those that are free. Further complicating things are features that are mutually exclusive to one another.

Given the widespread proliferation of virus and malware, experts are coming into terms that it might take more than just a single antivirus to stop the latest threats that come out daily.

Here are 3 different options in making that you can use your antivirus with:

1. Scanning with Multiple Antiviruses

Scanning with more than one anti-virus is not a new idea in 2016.

However, there was a time when people installed many antiviruses on their PCs to increase detection rates.

Doing so would slow down the performance of the machine since these types of applications would have to share the same resources.

With the advent of faster Internet speeds, scanning a file against multiple antivirus engines in the cloud at the convenience of visiting a website through your browser became a reality.

VirusTotal is easily one of the most trusted online scanners that make use of multiple engines.

Limited only by the number of files a typical user can scan at a time, it uses a comprehensive combination of anti-malware and antivirus engines to identify if a file is harmful or not.

2. A Second (Third) Opinion Scanner Locally

While online services similar to Virus Total are certainly more accessible without committing too much, it is limited to scanning a file or two at a time.

It’s straightforward for individual files you know you’d like to check but cumbersome if you were trying to secure entire folders and directories.

This is where second opinion scanners like Herd Protect, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and our very own SecureAPlus fall, they are designed to work alongside existing antiviruses.

The utility of second opinion scanners installed locally is that it primarily tries to expand on your primary anti-virus software’s detection rate by using different techniques for detecting threats.

It won’t necessarily catch everything your leading antivirus misses but the expanded coverage makes up for the additional resources it consumes to protect your PC.

3. Software with Multiple Layers of Defense

Approaching security with multiple layers of defense in mind is the modern way of protecting PCs.

While staple antiviruses are trying to expand their feature set, the core of their protection still hinged on their main antivirus engine.

By adding additional layers in the form of second opinion scanners that are designed to work with your leading antivirus, you not only get higher detection rate but may also add a safety net features against unknown threats that can go through.

The free SecureAPlus makes it possible to seamlessly add at least ten anti-virus engines with Universal AV on top of your existing leading antivirus.

It also adds its powerful application whitelisting and control features to keep new and unknown threats at bay.