An Important Update on Second Opinion Scanner VirusTotal

SecureAge SecureAPlusAnnouncement

Users might have noticed that the section under VirusTotal in the prompts is now returning an error message over the past few days.

Unfortunately representatives from VirusTotal have shared that they are unable to continue providing their service due to a change in their policy. They have also politely asked us to remove any reference to their service as soon as possible.

SecureAge Technology has made efforts to contact and discuss this with VirusTotal to see if a possible resolution can be reached, as SecureAPlus has been a consistent contributor of new samples to the VirusTotal database.

We will continue to be in touch with the people behind VirusTotal in the event that things may potentially change in the future. In the mean time and with respect to their wishes, SecureAge Technology will be removing the VirusTotal section in all of the SecureAPlus notifications.

What this means for SecureAPlus users is that the use of VirusTotal as a second opinion scanner will no longer be available. Regrettably since the change was made without any early notice, the error messages in the notifications will persist until the next update becomes available which is expected to be in early November 2016.

Rest assured however that SecureAPlus’ primary way of conducting scans is through the Universal AV and the optional Offline AV. These will continue to operate as per normal and continue to be a reliable first line of defense against virus and malware on top of the powerful application whitelisting that is the very core of the next generation security provided by SecureAPlus.

Users who wish to continue using VirusTotal as a second opinion scanner may continue to do so by uploading the file directly to their website. SecureAPlus makes this easier by allowing the user to easily access the location of the file from any prompt or scan result.

We appreciate the continued support of our users and the security community in general and do look forward for more features added to SecureAPlus in the foreseeable future.