Meet the APEX Engine

Malware detection powered by Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Benefits of a Deep Learning Engine
With mutated threats being the norm, APEX goes beyond traditional scanners by reliably identifying unseen and mutated malware types and variants from day one of their release
The APEX is incredibly lightweight compared to traditional scanners, better yet, it works offline and works with other AV scanners.
Adjusts according to your
security needs

APEX has 3 pre-configured sensitivity settings to choose from depending on how strict you want it to be against unknown malware.
Is APEX included in all versions of SecureAPlus?
Yes. APEX will be available on all versions of SecureAPlus, including the Freemium version.
Will APEX work with another local AV?
What scans include APEX?
How many sensitivity settings are available for APEX?
How often does the local APEX get updated to the latest trained version?
Recognized by institutions worldwide

SecureAPlus Ranks Best in
AV Lab 2018 Anti-Ransomware Test


SecureAPlus Ranks Best in
AV Lab 2017 Fileless Malware Protection Test