Fileless Malware Attacks Protection Test by AVLab Awards SecureAPlus Highest Marks

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Fileless Malware Attacks are becoming more prevalent as Endpoint Protection solutions have been veering from the sole reliance on signatures to detect threats. This change is a way for malware authors to find alternative ways of infecting their targets.
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Fileless Malware Attacks are not a new phenomenon with plenty of the garden variety malware making use of it as an attack vector - a means to deliver their executable payload onto their targets stealthily. However, Endpoint Protection solutions that use behavioral and analytical techniques were able to, at the very least, stop the payload from executing and thus keeping the targets safe.

Recently, however, malware authors have been developing attacks that are 100% fileless - meaning nothing is written on the target's disk and thus nothing to analyze while still being able to execute malicious actions.

This growing trend of Fileless Malware Attacks is concerning considering many mainstay Endpoint Protection software are incapable of detecting these threats. Polish-based AVLab has therefore set out to conduct a test to examine established Endpoint Protection vendors on whether they are capable of combatting the increased risk of Fileless Attacks.

Fileless Malware Attacks Protection

Making its way through a major update earlier this year, SecureAPlus sports a new Command Line Scanner as part of its application control and application whitelisting feature set to reinforce its block-first approach further. The addition proved vital as AVLabs' tests show that it was capable of blocking Fileless Malware Attacks made on systems with SecureAPlus and helping it garner the test's highest honors of a Best+++ Award.

Fileless Malware Attacks Protection Test Award

This award further solidifies the robustness of SecureAPlus' approach to Endpoint Protection not just for enterprise users but extends well into home users as the Command Line feature is available even on the most basic versions of SecureAPlus.

Protection against Fileless Malware Attacks is now becoming a vital component for Endpoint Protection solutions. Those interested in taking a step forward to better security can implement fileless attack protective measures by installing SecureAPlus for free.