Powerful Whitelisting for a Locked Down And Focused Business Operations

Strictly prevent unauthorized applications from running amok your endpoints – keeping untrusted and potentially malware-ridden software from distracting users from the things that matter to your business the most.

Highest Antivirus Detection Rates for Business

Blacklisting with 10+ Cloud Anti-Virus Engines At Your Disposal at All Times

Available for commercial-use, our patented Universal AV provides increased coverage against known threats by using more than 10 anti-virus engines at a time while leveraging cloud technology for minimum performance impact.

Security Management for Any Business Size

For Small & Medium Enterprise

Less than 50 Endpoints

SecureAPlus Portal

Web interface that's simple and easy to use for tightly managing endpoint security at anytime and anyplace.

For Large Enterprise

50 Endpoints and Beyond

Security Management Server

Conveniently monitor and manage endpoint security for larger deployments with a host of advanced features that cover beyond malware protection.

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SecureAPlus Portal
For Small & Medium Business (SMB)

The SecureAPlus Portal lets business owners to conveniently and securely manage Windows PC endpoints with SecureAPlus Premium from readily available endpoint security status checks to email notifications of potential threats.

Businesses can take security further by remotely managing the approval of installation of new and unknown applications preventing unnecessary applications from being installed while adding the flexibility of maintaining a central whitelist.

With the Policy Control Add-On, administrators can easily create, edit, and implement unique security configurations of SecureAPlus for deployment on certain groups of devices.

Monitor Security of Business PCs

Small & Medium Businesses -
Partner with SecureAPlus Now!

SecureAPlus is a great small business application whitelisting and antivirus solution to prevent viruses and malware, even advanced ones such as ransomware.

Protecting your business shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. By becoming a SecureAPlus partner with the SMB Program, your business could be one of the few to enjoy massive discounts (or even free) SecureAPlus Premium Licenses.

Partner with SecureAPlus

Maximum Business Productivity & Security

SecureAge Management Server
For Large Enterprise

With large enterprise endpoints amounting to hundreds and thousands, the SecureAge Management Server takes advantage of commercial grade hardware and processes to implement advanced security controls that not only keep endpoints safe but also the data contained within those endpoints.

The SecureAge Management Server allows organization IT administrators to easily monitor, update, and push approved whitelists in large deployments to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Available for deployment with server hardware, as a virtual machine image, or via the cloud.

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What version of SecureAPlus is available for commercial use?

Any version of SecureAPlus, including the Freemium version, is available for commercial use. However, if you need features designed for commercial use, consider the Premium versions of SecureAPlus.

I am using a system running Windows Server Edition, will SecureAPlus Premium work?

The default SecureAPlus Premium will not work on Windows Server. If you need SecureAPlus Premium for Server, please contact us via secureaplus@secureage.com to order the server version of SecureAPlus.

Is SecureAge Management Server required to run SecureAPlus in an Enterprise environment?

No. You can run SecureAPlus Premium and manage it using the SecureAPlus Portal. SecureAge Management Server simply introduces powerful tools that significantly makes it more convenient when dealing with more than 50 endpoints.

Do Your Business A Favour

It’s about time to upgrade security without breaking the bank.

Get Powerful Application Whitelisting and 10+ Cloud Antivirus Engines with Enterprise Security Management Today.