Block-First Approach

with Application Control & Whitelisting

Blocking All Unknowns and Unwanted Programs from Running Until You Allow it


For 12 Months

Turn the Tables Against Fresh Viruses & Malware

with Application Whitelisting

With close to a million new variants of malware created each day, traditional anti-virus software struggle to detect these threats upon their initial release in the wild.

Application control and whitelisting put you ahead of the rest by implementing a block-first approach.

This ensures that any file that is not trusted can do no harm until they are identified and cleared by you to allow it to run. It stops advanced and zero-day malware on its tracks and puts you, not the malware, in control every time. 

A Haven for Trusted Files, Impenetrable by Everything Else

With a block-first approach, any unknown & untrusted files, whether it is detected as a virus or not,
are stopped in its tracks when it tries to run.

Even the most dangerous & undetectable virus is rendered harmless when it cannot run on its target PC.


Auto Whitelist Creation

A whitelist allows applications you already trust to run on your PC and this process can be manual and tedious to create and maintain.

By installing SecureAPlus, it will automatically do everything for you. Just sit back and relax.


Total Application Control

Always asks before potential programs start to load or install, putting you in total control of what is running on your system.


Selectable Whitelisting Modes

Choose from 3 modes to suit your preferred level of protection

Powerful Anti-Ransomware Protection

Dangerous ransomware runs in the background and begins its silent but damaging process of encrypting every file and folder on your PC, effectively locking out the user from valuable data.

Having Application Whitelisting and Control prevents Ransomware from encrypting any file or drive inside a Windows PC without getting unblocked by the user.


Detect Ransomware

SecureAPlus gives users enough time to scrutinize potential Ransomware without getting locked out.


Block Ransomware

If an exe file starts to operate, it stops it and asks for your permission before proceeding.

Since ransomware needs to open an exe file to work, this stops them in their tracks even if they are trying to avoid detection.


Neutralize Ransomware

Even the most harmful Ransomware is rendered useless if it cannot run and encrypt the user's files.

How is our Application Whitelisting
Made Easier For You to Use?

Trust or block with the best tools made available to you at the point of detection.

Potential threats are scanned by our Universal AV's 10+ Anti-Virus engines and are further reinforced by integrating the 2nd opinion scanners.

This provides a good indication of what applications are dangerous or safe. 


10+ Engines from Universal AV


Second Opinion Scanner


Easily Upload Unknown Samples

How is this safer than simply using an Anti-Virus?
By using block-first approach, all new & untrusted processes do not start without your permission, essentially stopping Zero-Day Threats even if no anti-virus has detected it as a threat yet.
How is this different from typical prompting from Anti-Viruses?
Unlike a typical antivirus, SecureAPlus actively stops the process from running till the user trusts it. Not responding, closing the prompt, or choosing to block cancels the request and renders potential threats harmless.
How do I know whether to trust or block when prompted?
SecureAPlus prompts generally includes diagnosis from Universal AV, Offline AV and even the 2nd opinion engines. The prompt itself is also designed to easily identify the threat at a glance through the smart use of color coding.

Enterprise Level Security Made for Home Use, Easier & Simpler.

Whitelisting commonly found in enterprises has been made easier for you to give your Windows PC that block-first approach protection.